Got Pain?
Want it Gone?

A Patented, Class II Medical Device that you just have to experience to believe.

Folks, more drugs are NOT the answer.
FINALLY, a system that works.

Note: This one works. I have a machine and a demo, but have only sold 2 others in a year. It's just too expensive for the average person. Too bad because it really does work. But if you want something that does work, I'll sell my demo (only used twice) but I'm keeping my machine.

New Life Ventures


Espensive Machine
Takes two 30-min. applications a day to be really effective.
Won't do well as a business because it's too expensive and few folks will become distributors.


It Works.
You will sell some units retail but it requires a demo machine.
Commissions are great.
The income just isn't there.

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