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Is This MLM?

Have you Tried it before?
How did it work out?

Chances are Not Very Well.

Most companies you have dealt with simply don't understand the Customer.

More than likely you have had a negative experience with MLM.

Most folks have.
But there are some Very Profound Reasons for that...


RISE, the Search for Answers.

This video is a Trailer to a Very Good 45 min. one, see below.

You can Order Direct from Eric or Watch it Here.
It does a Very Good Job of answering many questions most folks have and there are a lot of interviews of some Very Successful People.

So the Next question then becomes How do we Market?

With our Push Button Marketing system. 

We market this way because we Understand the Customer.

You may ask why such an empahsis on Mobile? 

Compensation Plan Overview. 

We do the Business Differently

Our Emphasis is on Mobile with our PushButtonMarketing System.


Many folks are mainly interested in the product becaue it simply works.
But if you want to share with others, we have an incredible opportunity here.

Push Button Marketing

Our Unique and Exlusive Marketing System as seen in the Opportunity Link.


Video Marketing

We are Video Experts and do all our own with multiple tools in this regard.

Additional Resources

Coming, our team training and update system, NewU.club.
We even have a GeoFencing, Beacon system soon to launch.

As a member of my Team you get access to a system that is Off the Charts.  (Click the Picture.)


Tired of Missing it?

Watch this video, does this describe you?

Tired of being told you are too late or you Missed it?

Isn't it time to take control of your life?

You have a Choice.

Continue to exchange your time for Dollars or learn to make money while you sleep.

98% of us never reach this level.

Most folks who have tried Multi Level Marketing never succeed because they simply picked the wrong deal. But that is only One of the reasons.
If you are looking at another deal or are already in one, you need to know why it's so tough.
We have some information below you will find Very Revealing.

  • How does your deal measure up?  
  • Some Famous Quotes:    
  • Here is the Full Version of RISE above.  
  • Why is Direct Selling GOOD FOR YOU?  
  • What is the Direct Selling Organization?   

You may ask Why So Much Information?

Some site visitors have commented that I'm just giving too much information.
"Rick, this is information overload.
You need to back it off a little."

Well folks, guess what. Times have changed and your prospect will find the information they want with or without you. We no longer control the brand.

Dr. Rick Mayer BizHelp@Outlook.com
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