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Scientific Breakthrough

EMULIN®, the World’s 1st Patented, Natural Carb Manager.
The active ingredients help your body overcome the negative effects of refined sugar and carbs in natural and holistic ways.

So, Does it Work?

Science and Facts don't Lie!

It's Critical that you understand the Science behind the product.

These movies feature Dr. Joseph Milton Ahrens, Nobel Prize Nominee 2015 and 2016, who explains the Science including How and Why it Works.
The First Two movies are Critical.

Watch This video then the one just below.

For MORE on the Science, we also highly recommend these.

Just so you Understand the caliber of the company you will be dealing with.

Bay 9 News

ABC Action News

Here is a video that is one of the foundations to the Discovery.

This Sugar Shocker was truly a "Eureka" Moment.

The "Sugar Shocker" paved the way to the Current Science.


Our Newest Product

A Result of Stem Cell Research

Anti-Aging Decoded

A Recent Recorded Call

There is a Lot of information currently in the works.
For instance, listen to this call Intro with Dr. Rajen, April 8, 2018.


Now for More Facts

These links are from the Main iGalen site.
There is a Lot of information here.

Why am I here?
Because of the Products.

Dr. Rick Mayer

Dr. Rick Mayer
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