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What if you could Make a Difference while Making a Living?


I've watched the MLM industry for years and have identified the main reasons most people who try it fail miserably.    Rick J. Mayer, Ph.D.

Time to look at something Different...Exclusive...Totally New Categories...Something that people WANT!

Check out our FREE business, our Pet Wellness business, and one we are watching with keen interest...the Food Business.

Free is certainly Priced Right. Get the facts on the Link below.Free is certainly Priced Right. Get the facts on the Link below.This is so incredible we are changing two consulting businesses to capitalize on it's power.

  • First, it's FREE
  • The name says it all, you Get Paid to Save on the same things you are already buying, and it's still Free.
  • Introduce your friends, FOR FREE, and earn off everything they purchase.
  • Get a business involved and earn off every deal they offer.
  • We even have a way to use this system and start your own App business for local business owners, helping them Grow their Business like Nothing Else.
  • AND, we are rolling out a non-profit model for schools, churches, etc.
  • This is one time you don't want to wait too long.

The Psychology of what's going on here is Incredible. It's so powerful I jumped in after getting one email. Get the facts below.The Psychology of what's going on here is Incredible. It's so powerful I jumped in after getting one email. Get the facts below.

Years ago I was involved in a Pet products deal and was quite successful, but they were poorly managed. They weren't prepared for explosive growth and they failed.

The Pet Products industry is Huge and I have been waiting all these years for another crack at this market so when I saw this company, I jumped at it.

Why Paid2Save?

  • All the FactsAll the FactsEvery Person on the Planet Spends Money
  • Every Business wants More customers
  • EVERYONE likes Saving Money

Folks, it's pretty hard to beat Free, but this one is better than free. Our Exclusive Incentivized Sharing model means we Pay You to Save Money.
And on top of that, if you know anything about the APP business you'll understand just how big this will become in a relatively short period of time.
It's all centered around the Local Business and Local Consumer where Everyone Wins. There is just NOTHING like it...ANYWHERE.

Why PureZa For Life?

  • Why it makes SenseWhy it makes SenseDo you think Most Pet Owners Love their Pets?
  • Think they want their pets to be Healthy and Happy?
  • Think they know other pet owners who feel the same way?

The pet industry is absolutely Huge. Most folks spend more on their pets than on themselves. But taking proper care of a beloved pet isn't as easy as it once was because of the way ALL pet foods are now processed. The big companies go for taste over nutrition because it's all about the competition. They know how to fool your animal into liking something even though it's not good for them.
Well things are about to Change...Get the Facts.


The Paid2Save opportunity and back end system is so powerful we are making it an integral part of our Small Business Consulting. FREE is certainly priced right and on top of that, where are you going to find this kind of potential Anywhere?

It's  to start so why not get the facts? And no, this isn't a bait and switch deal. You can remain free and still earn money on all purchases of those your personally introduce forever! If you want to earn even more there's an opportunity for that, but it all starts with your  download to your smart phone and your  membership.

Business Market

The Paid2Save model is so powerful we are using it in another project.

First, get your free App, then take a look at this from the App above. If you are inclined to help help your local businesses, we have a system that's all about growing their bottom line and NOTHING IN EXISTENCE can even come close.

This system WILL Grow their Business and we'll prove their current system is obsolete.

The "LIFE" link above covers some products for personal use.


It's here because I have found some products that have truly made a difference in my life and I want to share them. They have an opportunity but in disclosure, you need to understand that any opportunity in a wellness product is Extremely Difficult. Most people just don't care and you end up trying to Sell them on the benefits.

My recommendation...Try them for personal use, they WORK. Then if you like them join as a distributor for better pricing and go ahead and tell a few folks. If they are interested they will know what to do but don't get bogged down trying to convince someone that they want something, you Never win that one.